Free Timeshare Credit Card Dispute Letter Template.

Free Timeshare Credit Card Dispute Letter Template.

This is a letter template for disputing timeshare credit card charges. Many times timeshares are sold and charged to a new credit card accounts the buyer never knew they had. This of course is a fraudulent act by opening a financial account without the knowledge of the account holder.

For charges that are placed on any credit card this letter will work to dispute and open up an investigation to reverse the charges. It is also one of the steps to losing the account and getting rid of the timeshare debt. Most timeshare owners feel they have no way out and did not know they can dispute these charges.

We have supplied a dispute letter used to reverse the timeshare deposit or any other charges that were deceptive or fraudulent. This letter must be sent certified as well as calling the credit card company to file an instant dispute for the charges.

When to Dispute a Credit Card Charge.

The Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), protects cardholders against billing errors up to a maximum liability of $50. The first action when a consumer registers a dispute is to reverse the charge as erroneous with the onus being on the merchant to prove otherwise.

When you detect an unusual charge, carefully check the transaction to confirm it’s wrong.


You can then initiate a dispute if:

  • The charge is more than what is reflected on the receipt: Someone could have incorrectly entered the figure or deliberately overcharged you. Contact the merchant first to contest the charge.
  • The charge is from a vendor that you do not recognize: In that case, you must quickly start a dispute so as not to be held liable.
  • You were charged twice or more: Double-charges occasionally occur and can be sorted out with a call to the merchant.
  • Your order didn’t come as advertised, is damaged, returned or didn’t come at all: This also includes recurring billings which you may have forgotten to cancel or couldn’t cancel due to awkward opt-out processes. This usually happens when you provide card details for a free trial of some service and the merchant sets-up a recurring charge on your account which is legal. You may request that these charges be reversed with reasons that you never planned to subscribe to the service.
  • You didn’t authorize the charge: This includes fraudulent charges made by criminals who have obtained your card details and even charges from legitimate merchants but which you didn’t authorize. This is what happened to me.



Your Name



(Company Name)

(Company Address)


(Company Name) Account: #######


To Whom It May Concern,

I have received a response from my dispute of this fraudulent account. I disagree with your findings and request an escalated fraud investigation be opened. The computer generated letter stating the account is valid and the charges are accurate is outrageous. I have not seen any proper documentation of my signed application and sales receipt with my signature. I am also requesting the merchant to provide an original contract with my signature on it. I find many Americans are scammed by this company and their identities are stolen, and their finances are depleted. I will not allow this fraud to continue nor a company assisting in it.

I  received a copy of my credit report. The report had an account listed from your company as a credit card. I disputed the account with the credit bureau as “not mine” but it recently came back as verified. In addition to this item being verified I also disputed the account for fraud. I have been taken advantage of and my personal information was used to open this account and to process charges.

The charges on this account are not valid, nor did I give permission for them to be processed.

I am writing this letter to you in an effort to get this charge removed and the account closed. Please delete your information from my credit reports. I have never had an account with your company. If someone has opened an account in my name, please close it immediately before further harm is done.

I am requesting that you notify all of the credit bureaus that this account is “disputed” or that you delete this account until this matter is resolved. This is required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. If there is any paperwork that I need to sign to confirm that this account is not mine, please send me the required documents.

This is a written dispute of this account per the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Billing Act. Please be aware that I am exercising my rights per these laws and all other applicable laws protecting me.




(Your Name)

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