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Timeshare owners for years now have been taken advantage or put into financial contracts which were failures from the beginning. Most timeshare contracts are breached within the first couple years. However, these breaches or deceptive sales tactics are difficult to prove in court. It turns into hearsay unless there is physical evidence. Unfortunately, timeshare salespeople are trained not to get caught in deceptive evidence and trained to close their deal anyway possible.


A major area of timeshare relief is the mortgage. We find many of our clients should have been turned down for credit worthiness for the size of the mortgage they were sold. Timeshare salespeople use third party companies to obtain lines of credit and down payments. The use of Barclays, Comenity Bank, American Express, Equaint Financial, and Resort Funding typically are never disclosed. In fact, the timeshare owner was told they have in house financing to later find out they have a credit card or personal loan they never agreed to. 


The opening of a third-party financial account without the consumers knowledge or approval is fraud and identity theft. Under these conditions all timeshare mortgages, and financial accounts must be terminated, and the fees reversed.

As many timeshare owners are sold overpriced timeshares which puts them into economic hardship their credit begins to become effected. With the new timeshare mortgage, the third-party loan accounts, the timeshare credit cards, and the hard inquiries all result in a lowered credit score. This also increases the debt-to-income ratio dramatically.


Now, the new timeshare owner has a lower chance of obtaining new lines of credit or refinancing the ones they already have. This is a perfect example of how timeshare fraud and deception cause damage to a timeshare owner. This is a evidence which can be used not only to get out of the timeshare contract but used in discovery for any Federal complaint filed.

At Legal Timeshare Help we focus on the events which are happening now. This is the miss handling of data, credit reporting violations, debt collector abuse, breach of contracts, and hardship negotiations. These events are provable and valid. Having the actions which are provable and tracked for evidence in our client’s case our program has become a leader in timeshare relief.


In fact, we boast a 97% timeshare contract termination in the first 14 months. We also have on average 30% of cases have some financial refunds or settlements. The program for years now has developed the strongest strategy for timeshare termination we offer a guarantee in writing of the results. We do not accept cases we cannot win and settle.

We Deliver Success Through Integrity.

For years now the timeshare cancellation industry has used the consumer rights violation strategy which is almost impossible to prove. Remember it’s your word against the timeshare companies. We gather all the tracking and credit monitoring information from a strategic partner Trade Guardian. They are our dedicated credit and risk management firm who specializes in timeshare and timeshare related accounts. 


So, if credit is a concern to you then our program has the only dedicated credit management program to date. Its starts immediately and provides monthly updates and tracking. If your credit is not handled at the beginning of your timeshare case, then most likely your case is not being handled.



We have professional staffing where credit, debt, contracts, and legal case building I all handled under one roof. We handle every aspect of your timeshare reducing stress and saving you time. We can systemically reduce and eliminate your timeshare debt. 

LEgal Timeshare Help

How Do I Get Help?

We offer a free case review to have a better understanding of each client’s case. We explain our program and how it works. We answer all our clients’ questions and address all concerns. We will prepare a formal written quote showing a breakdown of all the services.  


Once the client is accepted into the program and decides to enroll payment options are presented. Our payment terms are perfect for the needs we offer many different payment options. We are licensed by the Department of Financial Regulation which ensures every client’s case is managed and worked with the highest level of integrity.



Since we are regulated relief firm only legal payment plans and financing are written for our clients. Having a proper payment plan allows every client the opportunity to have pricing fit any budget. We are partnered with United Consumer Finance and together we offer our clients low monthly payments, and payment terms which are the most competitive out there. 

We have a zero money down option with 6 months good as cash better known as no interest payment plan. This option is based on approval.

“Upon acceptance and enrollment every client goes to bed knowing their timeshare is being handled properly”



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